The 8 weirdest and ugliest mobile phones of all time (PHOTOS)

1. Nokia 7380. (Photo: Diffusion)

1. Nokia 7380. (Photo: Diffusion)

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    Although most mobile phones launched so far only have a big and flat screen, some mobile phone companies have made crazy changes and launched very different, weird and ugly mobile phones.

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    1. Nokia 7380: A large and thin mobile phone created by the Finnish company, was the first one that used the Nokia “Navi Spinner”, some sort of wheel that allowed “dial without bottoms” with some success. It was created for women as it had a mirror.

    2- Motorola Aura: It had a rounded LCD screen, apparently the first one of its kind in the world, more than 700 different components make up the Swiss swivel with the recorded cover. It cost 2 thousand dollars.

    3- Siemens Xelibri X1: The range of models of the Siemens “Xelibri” was called “space on earth” and this is enough to imagine what to expect from the launches of 2003.

    4- Bang & Olufsen Serene: It was created through the collaboration between Samsung and the high quality audio company Bang & Olufsen, the Serene was launched on 2005 and was a very weird option.

    5- Nokia 3650: Another Nokia mobile phone is the 3650 that has a shape of a curvy chocolate. This was another attempt to move away from the traditional keyboard model.

    6- Levi Strauss mobile phone: This mobile phone had the Levis trademark on the device which had a stainless steel cover. It also had a chain that holds the mobile phone to jeans.

    7- Toshiba G450: The Toshiba G450 is a broadband USB modem with integrated phone functionality and some storage space with the capacity to play media files.

    8- Vertu Boucheron: Most luxury Vertu mobile phones are found in the category of the ugliest ones, but we believe that it is fair to say that the Boucheron created a new category of vulgarity in the design of mobile phones.