Smartphone: These are the best Android mobile phones (PHOTOS)

1- Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. (Photo: Samsung)

1- Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. (Photo: Samsung)

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    Are you a fan of Android or do you want an Android mobile phone? Here you have the best mobile phones with this operating system which are available today. Each of them has a particularity on the performance, speed and performance of the applications.

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    1- Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge: The android functioning is truly amazing. It has the ability to be practical and light. Applications run fast enough because of its RAM memory. It is a good model that has the mentioned operating system.

    2- Samsung Galaxy S6: Its elegant style and first-line specifications make the impressive Galaxy S6 an unbeatable Android phone for 2015.

    3- LG G4: Is an excellent Android phone with a beautiful screen, a powerful camera, micro SD slot and removable battery. It has many new features that really distinguish it from its predecessor.

    4- Samsung Galaxy Note 4: The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will delight anyone looking for a quick phone with a big screen. Furthermore, it will be a better option for those who want to hand write with its excellent stylus pen.

    5- Google Nexus 5- 6: With its beautiful 6-inch screen, good camera, a powerful Snapdragon processor and Android 5.0 Lollipop. The Nexus 6 is the most powerful Android phone.