Smartphone: The best wireless chargers (PHOTOS)

2- Rezence. (Photo: Unocero)

2- Rezence. (Photo: Unocero)

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    If you want to get rid of computer cables or you do not want cables on your desk, these chargers must be for you. You have to know what the most original wireless chargers of the market are and they can be yours.

    1- Qi: It can be charged by direct contact between the phone and the base load, but it must be left to less than 4cm of distance. Some devices that include this method are: Nexus, LG G3 or Samsung Galaxy Note3.

    2- Rezence: In this case the charge is done through magnetic resonance, allowing charging several devices at the same time.

    3- RAVPower: This charger has a square shape and a fairly small size. It also has versions that include a 4800 mAh battery, ideal to charge our device when we are not at home.

    4- WoodPuck: It is an alternative for users that really care about design. This is thanks to his wooden cover, that it definitely gives a very nice look.

    5- LG WCD 100: The Korean Company has on his catalog a very attractive wireless charger. Also, it can be used as a dock for our phone. This charger incorporates a 300mAh battery that allows us to have a wireless charger and also an external battery.