Instagram: People mocked her skin. Now she is famous (PHOTOS)

This is how Winnie Harlow looks nowadays. (Photo: Instagram)

This is how Winnie Harlow looks nowadays. (Photo: Instagram)

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    Redacción Peru.com27.08.2015 / 19:16 PM

    During her childhood she was labelled “zebra” and “cow”. Winnie Harlow had to strength herself to live in a hostile environment. The marks on her skin, caused by vitiligo, were spreading all over her body since she was 4 years old.

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    Her skin was losing pigments and leaving white and pink patches on her face and other visible areas of her body. Despite all the bullying that she suffered, Winnie held her head up and did not allow anyone to destroy her.

    She used her Instagram account, that went viral, to get to know her case and also to show that despite difficulties, she had become a star.
    Nowadays, her social media has more than 861 thousand followers. Most of them just send her love dedications. She is a good role model.