When and where can we see humpback whales in Peru? (PHOTOS)

These can be seen in Tumbes and Piura. (Photo: Flickr)

These can be seen in Tumbes and Piura. (Photo: Flickr)

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    You have to be alert because it’s something you will only see once a year. A wonderful show can be seen in northern Peru in the period of 3 months, we are talking about the presence of humpback whales. It’s awesome.

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    Where and when? To see humpback whales we have to be alert. Usually, these can be seen in Tumbes and Piura during August, September and October. These huge whales arrive from Antarctica and approach the coast to breed.

    These animals can reach up to 17 meters long and weigh over 40 tonnes. If you rent a boat you can see them up close, but you have to remember the ideal dates before missing this event.

    Besides whales you can also see funny dolphins swimming in group, jumping in the waves and many of them get close to you to greet. You can also see turtles, measuring between 2-4 meters long and if you dare, you can go down to swim with them.

    But you have to know that they don’t follow the same route all the time, they can change their course and arrive even to the coast of Lima.