Trujillo: Conache lagoon, a fascinating natural landscape (PHOTOS)

Meet the beautiful Conache lagoon in Trujillo. (Photo: Flickr)

Meet the beautiful Conache lagoon in Trujillo. (Photo: Flickr)

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    The Conache Lagoon is a natural water reservoir located in the village of Conache, Laredo district, near the city of Trujillo in the region of La Libertad.

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    This lagoon has an area of about nine hectares and is close to the Pampas de San Juan, jurisdiction of the populated center Santo Domingo.

    The lagoon is close to large dunes that are visited to practice sand boarding (sport practiced on the sand using a board).

    As well, very close to the Conache Lagoon there are extensive forests of carob trees that present a varied fauna, and they are also visited by tourists: they are a complementary tourist attraction to the lagoon, where you can bath, take a boat ride and fish with tilapias hook.

    In the past, the Conache lagoon was seasonal: it was formed periodically during the rainy seasons in the area, and months later it dried.

    However, after completing the second stage of the irrigation special project Chavimochic, with the continuous flood irrigation of crops in the Pampas de San Juan, the groundwater level increased gradually by the filtrations, and the lagoon got to have water permanently, and its volume keeps growing.