Ten popular destinations in Peru you should visit (PHOTOS)

1- Cusco. (Photo: Flickr)

1- Cusco. (Photo: Flickr)

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    There were several participants, but only 10 were the ones who stand out. Trip Advisor, the travel and opinion website chose this year the best destinations of 2015. Through public announcement, a new edition known as the Traveler’s Choice 2015 was carried out.

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    On the list provided by the website, we can see the 10 more popular touristic destinations in Peru and that you should visit. If you have not visited any of them, look at the gallery we have prepared for you.
    The first place we want to stand out is the city of Cusco, which is the best touristic place chosen by the users of this application which is able on cellphones too. On the second place, we found the Historic Centre of Lima, and on the third place we found Urubamba.
    Do you want to know some of the most amazing places in Peru? Go ahead and start visiting the one you like the most. You can see below the whole list.
    1- Cusco
    2- Lima
    3- Urubamba
    4- Mancora
    5- Arequipa
    6- Machu Picchu
    7- Huaraz
    8- Ollaytaytambo
    9- Chachapoyas
    10- Iquitos