Nahuel Huapi: The beautiful and mysterious cold lake (PHOTOS)

Lake Nahuel Huapi in Argentina. (Photo: flickr)

Lake Nahuel Huapi in Argentina. (Photo: flickr)

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    The Lake Nahuel Huapi, located in Bariloche, Argentina, has always attracted the attention of millions of tourists. It is characterized by its cold waters and the many legends and myths that natives tell.

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    Experts estimate that this glacial lake may have some 450 meters deep, but in fact it has never been fully explored because of the temperature and the difficult conditions. Nahuel Huapi means “Tiger Island”, although it is possible that native people did not referred to tigers, but cougars, large size felines that live in the Patagonia of Argentina.

    The most important legend of this place is the legend of “Cuero” (leather). It is said that in the lake lives an animal that looks like a cow leather that in order to feed itself swims to the coast, stands still and waits. When children or tourists approach to him, the Cuero wraps them and leads them to the bottom of the lake, where he eats them.

    The legend may have its origin in several deaths that have been occurred product of unwary people who wanted to take a risk into the lake, without realizing its depth. Some people say that in the bottom there is a giant crack; but, as we know, it is almost impossible to get down there and see the secrets of the crystal clear waters.