Meet the beautiful Pampas de Ayacucho Historical Sanctuary

You can see greenness wherever you walk. (Photo: Flickr)

You can see greenness wherever you walk. (Photo: Flickr)

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    This beautiful place full of greenness is one hour away from Ayacucho. The Pampa de Ayacucho is a place that has great obelisk that stands out and which you can contemplate from anywhere. It works as a viewpoint in the city of Huamanga.

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    For the 150th anniversary of the battle, the Ministry of War of Peru decided to erect a monument to pay tribute to the fighters on the pampa. The work represents nearly half a century of struggle for freedom and American independence, from the revolution of Tupac Amaru in 1780 to its victorious culmination in this place.

    It has a height of 44 meters. The bronze statues of three meters height represent the generals that were in command in the battle: Sucre, Gamarra, La Mar, Córdova, Lara and Miller. A medallion with the effigy of the liberator Simon Bolivar recalls the strategic direction of the operations.

    From its viewpoint, it can be see the beautiful landscape of the historic sanctuary. For the people of Ayacucho, the obelisk is part of the identity and pride of the province of Huamanga and also of the department for being the place where the Peruvian and South American freedom was achieved.