Ilha Grande: Meet the beach paradise of Brazil (PHOTOS)

Meet this beautiful place in Brazil, Ilha Grande. (Photo: Flickr)

Meet this beautiful place in Brazil, Ilha Grande. (Photo: Flickr)

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    Ilha Grande is a relaxing and natural paradise full of sun, sea and sand in Brazil. This resort island is characterized by its tropical, hot and damp weather.

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    It is known by tourists as the “Brazilian Caribbean”, since the beaches are as paradisiacal, surrounded by vegetation, with crystal clear water and calm tide. Although not everything on the island is about the beach, because the mountain and the leafy jungle on the inside also serve as attractions for thousands of travelers.

    On Ilha Grande there are no motor inland public transport. There aren’t cars, buses or motorcycles. It is only allowed to walk on foot or by bicycle, so the quality of life is quite calm and promotes “green tourism”. The landscapes, the beach, the kindness of people and cars without the noise and smoke make Ilha Grande the perfect destination to get away from the chaos of the city.