Ica: The breathtaking Cahuachi Pyramids (PHOTOS)

In 1982 these pyramids were discovered. (Photo: Flickr)

In 1982 these pyramids were discovered. (Photo: Flickr)

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    The Pyramids of Cahuachi are located in the city of Nazca, in the department of Ica. Cahuachi was the theocratic capital of the Nazca Culture ruled by priests, for that reason, some researchers consider it as the “Vatican from the pre-Hispanic Peru”.

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    In 1982 these pyramids were discovered. They are located about 400 kilometers south of Lima and its name means “Place of seers”.

    They worked as a ceremonial center and were built of adobe, with a conical shape and it is supposed that the windows, doors and ceiling were of gurango wood.
    The Nazca culture had its golden age between 1 and 500 B.C. Certainly, these pyramids are a tourist attraction that must be kept properly by the respective authorities to maintain its glory and history that represents.