Ica: 5 Tourist places you won't want to miss (PHOTOS)

The dunes of the Ica desert. (Photo: flickr)

The dunes of the Ica desert. (Photo: flickr)

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    Redacción Peru.com27.08.2015 / 03:51 AM

    The department of Ica is having its best time with regard to tourism, because of the arrival of thousands of domestic and foreign tourists, the opening of some hotels and because of the with regard to services.

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    Probably you have seen on Facebook or Twitter that many of your friends are traveling to this department, posting their best photos in different landscapes. It is true that Ica has so much to offer and probably you have already thought that this will be your next destination to enjoy sand boarding in the sand dunes of the desert of Ica.

    In this photo gallery we show only the main destinations you should visit. For example, the legendary palm tree with seven heads or the Cachiche Village, followed by the grape vineyards. Do not forget that the mango and grape of Ica have an incomparable quality throughout Peru.