EU to launch new anti-drug support program in Peru

EU to launch new anti-drug support program in Peru
Drugs are burnt at Barbadillo. (Source: Mininter)
  • Drugs are burnt at Barbadillo. (Source: Mininter)

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In partnership with various State entities, the European Union will next year launch a new support program aimed at fighting drug-trafficking in the Inca country, European Union (EU) Ambassador to Peru Irene Horejs affirmed.

“Said initiative will seek to strengthen the interdiction of illicit drugs,” Horejs told Andina news agency.

She noted the program will be carried out in parallel to alternative development matters; thus, it will require the cooperation of the National Commission for Development and Life without Drugs (Devida).

Procedures to include the participation of Peruvian State institutions in this project are being completed, the diplomat stated.


The ambassador estimated the European bloc’s support to the anti-drug fight totals approximately €55 million.

From the total, €32 million is allocated for matters related to alternative development aimed to replace coca crops.

Likewise, €8 million is destined to supporting interdiction of illegal drugs and inputs required for producing narcotics.

“Also, an extra €15 million is set aside for programs [implemented] in several countries, including Peru,” she said.

Source: Andina