All of these objects seem totally different (PHOTOS)

This church looks like a chick. (Photo:

This church looks like a chick. (Photo:

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    Probably you’ve ever seen the figure of an animal in the clouds or even a happy face on your breakfast. Maybe for a few seconds, you’ve thought you were going crazy.

    However, be sure that you will keep finding different faces in inanimate objects, as is more common than it seems. It’s called pareidolia and it is an attempt of the mind to organize the chaos and to find patterns that mean something to your brain.

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    Some theories say that pareidolia is a skill that helped our ancestors survive, others say it is simply the result of how our brain handles the information to which we are exposed.

    In either case, it is a surprising illusion that allows us to see photos like this gallery, where you’ll find examples of things that look like something completely different. There is no doubt that you will be surprised.