5 stories of paranormal events that continue surprising people

Doris Bither. (Photo: Circoviral)

Doris Bither. (Photo: Circoviral)

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    1. Clarissa Glen. This 18-year-old woman said she experienced strange ghostly presences in her apartment in Cornwall, England. Glenn had a history of somnambulism, and since she moved into this apartment, she had dreamed that she hanged herself. Then she was told that the person who used to live in her bedroom had hanged herself. One night she hung from the beams with a scarf.

    2. “The black-eyed children”. Brian Bethel was parked outside a movie theater when two young men approached him and asked him if he could take them home. When he turned on his car, before giving an answer, he says their eyes got totally black, and told him they could not enter unless he invited them. He walked away quickly, and later wrote about his experience on his blog. Several people told the same.

    3. Teresita Basa was stabbed to death, and then her body was burned in 1976. There was no link to blame someone else, and the police were intrigued.

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    About a year later, another woman who worked with Basa, Remy Chua, stated she saw her spirit in a hall where they worked together. One night, Chua spoke to her family with the voice of Basa, and pointed at Allen Showery as the murderer.
    The police found the belongings of Basa at the house of Showery, and he confessed the crime.

    4. Doris Bither was an alcoholic known to abuse their children. She said that much of this happened because of “entities” that chased her. Over time, some paranormal researchers decided to analyze her, and after some time, she began to curse people that nobody else could see. In the investigation it was able to photograph strange auras around.

    5. Terry Cottle and Sonny Graham. A man called Terry Cottle committed suicide in 1995 of a shot in the head. His heart was donated to Sonny Graham, a 57 year-old man. When Graham met Cottle’s widow, both of them fell in love instantly.
    They married, and after a few years of marriage, the relationship began to experience similar patterns to Cottle’s. Graham finally shot and killed himself.

    Source: Circoviral