10 countries with more immigrants in the world (PHOTOS)

1. United Arab Emirates. (Photo: es.forwallpaper.com)

1. United Arab Emirates. (Photo: es.forwallpaper.com)

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    What are the countries that receive the largest number of immigrants? The first one is the United Arab Emirates, where 83.7% of the population was born abroad.

    Then follow Qatar (73.8%), Kuwait (60.2%), Bahrain (54.7%), Singapore (42.9%), Jordan (40.2%), Hong Kong (38.9%), Saudi Arabia (31.4%), Oman (30.6%) and Switzerland (28.9%).

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    It isn’t a coincidence that six of the top ten are in the Persian Gulf, which meet certain conditions. These are countries with low population density, whose economy is structured basically from the extraction and export of oil.

    That work is done by transnational corporations that move to that place thousands of workers from their headquarters, located in Europe and in the United States.

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    Singapore, Hong Kong and Switzerland also have something in common: they are three of the largest financial centers worldwide. The abundance of commercial trades with the rest of the world also invites many companies and professionals to settle there.

    Source: Infobae.com