YouTube: Dog fascinates for wanting to catch fish from the pool

YouTube Dog fascinates for wanting to catch fish from the pool
This dog will touch you when you see it. (Photo: Capture)

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Redacción 31.08.2015 / 12:12 PM

Puppies have several stories that make us laugh. And this Golden Retriever now has a story that went viral quickly on YouTube. It was really beautiful and you will want to hug him quickly.

This dog jumped into the children’s pool. What did he wanted to do? Well, he just wanted to catch the fish that were in the design. He got his head again and again constantly into the pool trying to catch the animals that were in the water, but he did not realize they were just stickers.

The puppy sank his head into the pool. The video has touched many people on YouTube, and even some people say the puppy is discovering new things like a child.

The video was posted on the Google platform and went viral. It already has over 204,000 views. It was published on August 16 of this year. Do you want to have him at home?

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