Twitter: The 5 most retweeted tweets from history (Photos)

These are the most retweeted tweets from history. (Photo: Diffusion)

These are the most retweeted tweets from history. (Photo: Diffusion)

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On March 2006, a social media was launched and just a few believe it would work. Was it possible to communicate something in 140 characters? Eight years of steady growth and hundreds of millions of users, confirm that Twitter creators were not crazy.

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There are some Twitter users that are more influential and also there are messages that unleash madness on the social media, receiving a significant amount of RT. Here, the 5 most retweeted in history.

5- Niall Horan: Niall Horan, one of One Direction members, published on December 12th, 2013, a tweet that received 354.084 retweets.

4- Paul Walker’s death: Last December 13th, it was officially announced through Twitter the death of the actor Paul Walker. The tweet got 379.067 retweets.

3- Lea Michele thanks her fans support: After her boyfriend’s death due to drug overdose, actress Lea Michele, known as Rachel on the TV show Glee, published her first tweet after that tough time. She received 389.185 retweets.

2- Barack Obama won reelection: This tweet only had three words and went viral: Four More Years, celebrating his reelection for President of the USA. That tweet was retweeted 767.626 times.

1- The Oscar’s selfie: The first place was for Ellen and a selfie with many celebrities during the Oscars ceremony. It was retweeted 3.398.385, a record not easy to beat and that awarded the first place in our ranking.

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