They were told that this dog would not walk. A miracle saved her

They were told that this dog would not walk. A miracle saved her
The miraculous recovery of the dog that suffered from paralysis. (Photo: Capture)

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Redacción 31.08.2015 / 12:31 PM

A husband and a wife came back from their honeymoon, and suddenly realized that their dog who used to receive them, did not do it this time. They looked for her desperately until they saw the dog unable to move.

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They took her to the vet and the diagnosis was worse than they expected. Athena, the beautiful Doberman that had accompanied them throughout the courtship had the Wobbler Syndrome, also called, the Staggers Syndrome, and if she was not able to walk again in 3 weeks, then it probably she would not do it anymore.

The couple, absolutely refused to accept that she would not be able to walk and that she would have to use diapers, so they chose to immediately start physical therapy and treatment for their beloved Athena.

What went after was a real miracle. The dog started to walk again and she was able even to run again with their owners. The video went viral again but it was published in 2012. It has 490,000 views.

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