Ten women who fell in love with serial killers (PHOTOS)

Carole Ann Boone and Ted Bundy. (Photo: De10.com.mx)

Carole Ann Boone and Ted Bundy. (Photo: De10.com.mx)

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-Carole Ann Boone and Ted Bundy: Bundy has been one of the worst criminals in history, he killed 36 women, but his charisma convinced Carole to marry him when he was sent to trial, they even made a ceremony in front of the families of his victims. The couple had a daughter.

-Doreen Lioy and Richard Ramirez: Lioy was a writer who was related to Ramirez, he has been accused of killing 14 people. He was disorganized and brutal, but his attitude drove the press crazy, causing hundreds of women to send him letters and swearing eternal love for him.

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-Star and Charles Manson: In 2015, Mason ended the relationship because he found out that the real reason for his girlfriend to be with him was to publicly show his body when he die, in order to obtain an economic benefit.

-Rosalind Bowers and Theodore Durrant: Although Durrant was on trial for rape, disfigure and kill two women, Bowers brought a sweet pea bouquet every day and regularly tried to see him in his cell while he was sento to trial in 1895.

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-Albert De Salvo: He was a criminal in Massachusetts who confessed being the “Boston Strangler”, murderer of 13 women, but he was the father of two children and was married to Irmgard Beck, from a wealthy family. He was so lovely, and that was how he approached his victims.

-Kenneth Bianchi and Veronica Compton: A 24 year old girl of who was fascinated by Bianchi’s strangulations, she began writing a script of a play based on a murderer. The man proposed her a plan in which she would have to commit a murder so he will be released; she did not make it and they broke up.

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-Gerard Shaeffer and Sondra London: London has been known for its love for serial murderers. Gerard began collaborating with books that Sondra was doing, but at that time he was already been investigated by 11 murders, because in the stories she referred Gerard’s crimes. They broke up.

-David Parker Ray: In 1966, David married Glenda Burdine with whom he had a daughter, Jesse. The story is very warped, Jesse and David, and then Cindy Lee Hendy, his partner, they both were engaged in kidnapping women who were locked in a sexual “toy house”, where they were raped.

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-Rodney Alcala: This is a very particular case, Rodney is in jail for the murders of 30 women, but it is believed that he commited 130 murders. Before being a criminal appeared in a TV program in which a girl chose a man to go out with him, Alcala won and the recording of the competition still exists.

-Charles Raymond Starkweather and Caril Ann Fugate: In 1956, at the age of 18, Charles met Caril Ann, 13 years old. The crush was immediately; after a long relationship, one day in 1958, the boy began with a series of murders in less than three months, she covered him and both escaped until they were arrested and he was sentenced to death.

Source: De10.com.mx

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