Ten hidden surprises on Internet websites. Did you know them?

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10 Hidden Surprises on web sites. Get to know them in this gallery. (Photo: husmeandoporlared.com)

10 Hidden Surprises on web sites. Get to know them in this gallery. (Photo: husmeandoporlared.com)

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Software developers are very creative people who often like to surprise users with unexpected gifts.

These hidden surprises are called Easter eggs, they can be data sheets, jokes, and even mini-games that require special knowledge (or a stroke of luck) to find them, as we cannot access to them from a traditional link.

As more and more programs are developed thinking on the web, some of the best Easter eggs can be found online or in Internet applications.

1. A flight simulator hidden in Google Earth

Google Earth, the free software that you can download in your computer, has an amazing Easter egg hidden inside. Just press “Ctrl + Alt + A” on the keyboard after running the program, and you’ll find yourself flying around the world in a flight simulator. You can choose between flying a F-16 jet fighter and an aircraft Cirrus SR22.The simulator allows even to use a joystick.

2. The barrel of Google. Do a barrel roll

A barrel is also a deposit which can contain wine, an aerobatics and a fun Easter egg. If you are interested in learning more about air barrels, you just have to type “do a barrel roll” in the Google search field. It will not only find the most interesting pages on the theme, the page will spin on itself, making a barrel.

3. The message of the Mozilla Firefox Robot

If you’re curious about the role of robots while using Mozilla Firefox, one of the world’s most popular web browsers, you might have a surprise as you investigate. Type “about: robots” in the address bar and you will get a greeting from the robots. When clicking on the “Retry” button, you will see another warning button.

4. Massive Attack of bears in Picasa

Picasa, a free photographs organizer and editor, has an Easter egg embedded for years that still works today. Simply launch the software and press Ctrl + Shift + Y on the keyboard. A big teddy bear will appear on the screen. Continue pressing the keys and the screen will be completely cover by these stuffed animals.

5. Zerg Rush by Google

Do you know what the Zerg rush is? One clue, is something related to games. If the answer is no, definitely the best place to look for information is Google, however, if we write in the search bar “zerg rush” we will have a live demonstration of what is, and also a fun game. It is an entertaining Easter Egg of Google.

6. A music box in Google Translate

Google Translate has its own Easter egg. To find it, go to Google Translate, select “English” as source language and “German” as the target language of the translation. Then you can type or paste “zk pv pv pv pv zk zk kz zk pv pv pv pv zk zk zk pzk pzk pvzkpkzvpvzk kkkkkk bsch” in the English text space. The speaker icon changes to “Beatbox”. Click on it to hear the music.

7. Spore page 404. Original “not found” page

If you try to go to a Web page that does not exist, you usually get a 404 page, which indicates that the page you are looking for does not exist. Many web developers also use these pages as Easter eggs. A good example is in the Spore website. Try to go to spore.com / lol and you will find with one of these strange looking creatures.

8. The Kickstarter scissors

Kickstarter is a popular Web site for anyone looking to finance a new project. The site hosts one of the most subtle Easter eggs you’ll find anywhere. At the bottom of the page are some pictures of the independent creators of Kickster. Click on the scissors underneath the photos and start cutting the dotted line, and you will see more pictures. If you click twice, the bottom of the page will cut, exposing even more photos.

9. Apple Voice Control

Your desktop is not the only place you can find Easter eggs. The iPhone and iPad have several hidden in the voice control system. To find one of them, hold the “Home” button until the Voice Control is opened. Ask this question: “What is the answer to life, the universe and everything?” This is a reference to the science fiction novel of Douglas Adams, “The Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy”. The correct answer, of course, 42.

10. The end of Internet

Many people do not know that the Internet has an Easter egg. Well, almost. If you go to HMPG.net, you will find that you have reached the end of the Internet. The site congrats visitors for find it and recommends them to find something useful to do with the rest of their lifes. As an added bonus, the page displays a download window indicating that the entire Internet is downloading to your hard disk.

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