Samsung Galaxy Note 5: This happens if you put wrong the S Pen

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 This happens if you put wrong the S Pen
This happens if you put incorrectly the S Pen of the Galaxy Note 5. (Photo: Capture)

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Redacción 01.09.2015 / 14:29 PM

With the arrival to the world of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 5, a problem has been revealed that could affect all users who are a little distracted and do not put correctly the S Pen in the slot of the device.

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In a YouTube video it is shown what could be the worst disaster. Apparently, the new Samsung device, which this time introduces a system of automatic extraction of the touch pointer, would not be prepared to prevent the user to put the pointer in a bad position.

After comments from several users and media, the company Samsung has issued a statement indicating that there is no problem with the storage system of the S Pen and what users need to do is simply be careful when putting the accessory in the slot enabled for this purpose.

A YouTube user shared what would happen to the smartphone. Would you buy a new Galaxy Note 5?

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