Huawei G Play: We tested and here is our assessment (ANALYSIS)

Huawei G Play We tested and here is our assessment (ANALYSIS)
This is our analysis of the new Huawei G Play. (Photo:

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Redacción Peru.com27.08.2015 / 19:13 PM

In early July, Huawei launched its new smartphone to the Peruvian market, the G Play, a mid-range phone with high-end features. What stands out on this phone? This is our analysis.

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Screen and design:

The Huawei G Play has a 5-inch diagonal screen, a very nice size for those who love big screens. Its colors are genuinely bright and this prevents exhausting sight. It has an HD resolution and has a resolution of 720 pixels.

One of its main features is that the buttons on the main screen are always at the bottom of the phone. However, these are not illuminated in the dark. We imagine this is to save energy. About its buttons, these are located on the left side of the device; however, it often causes confusion because most smartphones have the lock button above the volume. This is a trend new mobile phones want to follow.


The rear camera has 13 megapixels. It is excellent during the day; it even has the autofocus option to capture objects better and more clearly. However, we can see failures at night. Noise production in photos turns this into a disadvantage.

Furthermore, the front camera, which has 5 megapixels, has a better performance than the rear camera. Do you want to take selfies? Well, like the HTC, it has a live makeup. It also has a timer, to get ready for the photo.


If we talk about the battery, it’s just wonderful. You do not have to charge it even in two days, even if you are using the applications that consume more battery all day, like Spotify or Facebook. As well, it charges quickly.
Finally, talking about storage, it has an internal storage of 8 GB, and 2 GB of RAM, allowing having a higher performance on the flash operation. It has Android 4.4.2., and so far, there isn’t news about updating to Lollipop.


– Positive things: Its 5-megapixel front camera allows taking best selfies, with live make up. It has a slim design. The battery, which is the best feature of this device, can last up to 2 days and a half.

– Negative things: The rear camera. It takes a while to catch Wi-Fi signal, even if the router is in good positioning.

By: Rommel Yupanqui (@rommelyg)

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