Google: These were the logos of the search engine in its history

This was the first logo of Google. (Photo: Diffusion)

This was the first logo of Google. (Photo: Diffusion)

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Redacción 01.09.2015 / 16:30 PM

For some years, we are used to the colorful logo changes for all kinds of events. However, the corporate image of the company has undergone several changes throughout its history. Have you realized that?

YOUCANALSOREAD:Google renewed its logo with this fun Doodle. This is how it looks

The logo now has a Sans-Serif source, which is actually a creation of Google. But throughout its 17 years, Google has changed its logo in six opportunities.
In its official blog, Google announced that during all these years of work, Google made incredible changes. For example, at first we could only enter Google from a computer, but today it can be done from any device with an Internet connection.

With which logo did you start using the most famous Internet search engine? Check out our gallery and get to know in the photos all the changes they have made over the years.

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