Facebook: This child saved a goat from being sacrificed

Facebook This child saved a goat from being sacrificed
Look what this child did to prevent the goat to be killed. (Photo Capture)

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Redacción Peru.com 27.08.2015 / 16:32 PM

“Kids are smart. They know that killing is wrong”, we can read that on the video that went viral on Facebook. A little goat was about to be sacrificed for a holiday in Nepal, but this child saved the animal.

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The video shows how the little boy becomes closer from the beginning with the animal. When he was told that the goat has to be killed, the child started crying desperately.

“No, no,” are the only words the child could say while defending the goat, he even hug the animal to protect her. In the end, the little boy leaves with the animal to his house and there was no sacrifice.

In the Gadhimai Mela festival people sacrifice annually over five thousand animals such as goats, chickens, pigeons, pigs, rats and buffaloes. Animal protection organizations have spread the video on Facebook and ask people to end up with this tradition in Nepal.

The video has now more than 157 likes on Facebook and has been shared over 87,000 times.

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