Cortana and 10 things you can do in Windows 10

Cortana and 10 things you can do in Windows 10
Here are 10 things you can do in Windows 10 with Cortana. (Photo: Microsoft)

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Redacción 24.08.2015 / 17:44 PM

Cortana has been introduced in the new Microsoft operating system, the Windows 10. You know how to take advantage to the maximum? Here are 10 things you can do with the most attractive voice assistant of the network.

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1- It is not a robot, but it seems to be one: Cortana helps you to remember the appointments that you have that day on your schedule, and also let you know what theme song is playing at the time, and even let you know the height of your favorite artists.

2- Activation: To take advantage of all of these possibilities, the first thing to do if you already have Windows 10 is to activate the voice command of Cortana. Go to Settings and activate the function “Allow Cortana to answer to Hey Cortana.”

3- Remember your stuff: Use the Reminders icon and tell Cortana “Remember this to me” to start. You can create a reminder and make Cortana to remind you something at a particular time.

4- Cortana always learns from you: Every time you make a specific search, or simply allow the application to remember something important to you, she will do it, for example, your favorite food, your football team, etc.

5- Searches on your computer: One of the things that Cortana allows you to do is to search files on your computer. You can tell Cortana to look for photos of last year.

6- Web search: Cortana makes their searches with Bing by default, but you can change it and make her use Google or another search engine through the Chrome extension, Chrometana that redirects all searches on Bing to the search engine of your choice.

7- Check the weather: If you ask her was the weather like, Cortana will give you all the information for that day and all week.

8- Email: Without being a great boss, with Cortana you can have your own personal secretary.

9. Several things at a time: Cortana allows you to make more things in less time, because she hears your requests without interrupting what you’re doing at the time.

10- Chat: If you want to talk with Cortana and have fun for a while, Cortana is scheduled to give a number of answers.

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