The 5 best streaming services for music (PHOTOS)

1- Spotify. (Photo: Diffusion)

1- Spotify. (Photo: Diffusion)

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    Redacción Peru.com27.08.2015 / 19:12 PM

    Do you listen to music by streaming service at home, at work, at the office or on the street? Well, several options have been launched this week such as Apple Music and Line Music that will compete with the famous Spotify. Here the top 5 online music players.

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    1- Spotify: It is certainly the best known and has in its library over 30 million songs from different artists. It has the ability to alternate several playlists. As well, it has the option to recommend, and to discover new artists and releases. It also creates custom playlist.

    2- Apple Music: Recently launched, the promised Apple service. It will cost $ 15 if you want the premium account and is the only one that allows using an account for 5 persons. As well as Spotify, you can access its unique library and create playlists. It will be released on June 30.

    3- Line Music: Although only works in Japan, it seems that the world famous calling service application wants to compete with other streaming apps. It has very few songs on its list, but as they expand, it will have more.

    4- Deezer: Very few know this application, but this application provides more music than Spotify. Here you can find some albums of your favorite artists you cannot find in Spotify.

    5- Tidal: It offers music of the artists that fought with Spotify. Likewise, they assure they provide HD content, with an unbeatable quality.